JNL Fusion has come to Scotland! Get the Miami look and lifestyle, tips and great chat :-)

Love love love Marina!!!

Wow, she fills me with inspiration and brings me up to be a better person. Myself and Natalie are lucky to have these fabulous women in our lives from the JNL World Con, so so blessed.

I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed making it  :-)


We LOVE Nissa Salas - the poster girl for JNL Fusion, with her dramatic & lasting weight loss, AND she has grown into a gorgeous sexy woman, despite her upbringing.

Today she talks about how she stays positive in our often negative world & offers some really valuable guidelines on what works for her & how this could be incorporated into anyone's life.

She also offers fabulous advice for those of us who want to be goddesses but may not have a huge budget. Useful AND Inspirational!